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ICOtec is a world leader in electronic game calls & decoys. The GC350 offers an outstanding remote technology, up to 300 yards with no line-of sight required to activate the main speaker unit. The ability for a hunter to remain In the case your remote and speaker unit do not communicate, click this link for instructions.
Synchronizing Remote to Unit. Your ICOtec remote can be reprogrammed to work with your base unit if it happens to become unresponsive or if you lose your remote and purchase a new one form ICOtec. Simply press and hold the reset button on the left of the “ON/OFF” switch of the base with a paperclip, then press and
2 Apr 2015
ICOTec GC350 "MFK Standard Edition". $. 149.00. FEATURES: • 300 yard remote control range. No line of sight required! • Program up to 24 calls. • Includes 5 MFK Edition Sounds and 19 quality sounds by Wildlife Technologies. • Activate a decoy from the remote. • Standard size SD card, up to 32 GB. • Plays .mp3 and
GC300 / GC350 Remote Battery Check – press and hold down on any call button and observe the green LED, if it either flickers, flashes or dims, you have a low battery level and you should change the battery prior to continuing. GC500 Remote Battery Check – please see the battery level indicator on the LCD screen.
Troubleshooting: ICOtec Game Calls. If your newly purchased ICOtec 1: Remote Battery: The GC101XL, GC300, GC320 and GC350 callers utilize an A23 12volt battery. There is a possibility the battery Contact ICOtec Customer Support for instructions for warranty coverage or repair instructions. 5: SD Card: If you have
11 Jun 2016 The ICOtec gc350 also has a built-in audio jack in case you want to add any additional speakers for increased power. . A) More calls can be downloaded at the company's website or wildlife technology's website, and the instruction manual provides a step-by-step guide on operating the device
ICOtec is a world leader in electronic game calls & decoys.
18 May 2014
-Compatible with all Programmable ICOTec Electronic Game Calls* -Instant Downloads**. MFK Sound Library "Bundle Pack Click on the link, download the sound and follow instructions provided with your ICOTec Electronic Game Call to upload the sound to your caller. ***For instructions on downloading sounds to your