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22 Aug 2017 RNA extraction was performed with the TRI REAGENT method (Sigma-Aldrich, USA) and following manufacturer' instructions and cDNA obtained using first Savary S, Ficke A, Aubertot J.-N, Hollier C. Crop losses due to diseases and their implications for global food production losses and food security.
15 Feb 2017 Bacterial wilt caused by the Ralstonia solanacearum species complex (RSSC) is considered one of the most harmful plant diseases in the world. annealing temperatures were optimized for amplification of loci on four reference strains according to the manufacturer's instructions (Applied Biosystems).
The instructions on this page pertain to figures included in the main article. Before we can formally accept your submission, your figures must meet the requirements on this page. The more closely your figures adhere to these specifications at submission, the fewer times you will need to revise your manuscript to meet the
These are step-by-step instructions for submitting a manuscript to our online submission system. Do not resubmit your manuscript if you have otherwise already submitted it to PLOS ONE. If you are submitting a revised manuscript, read the revision guidelines. If you are responding to
The significance of the practicum's role in the professional education of social workers is discussed. A model is proposed for matching student with practicum settings, to be used as a tool to facilitate the administrative work of the practicum. Major variables inherent in the placement decisional process are highlighted and
Atorvastatin decreases bone loss, inflammation and oxidative stress in experimental periodontitis. e75322?. ??:Raimundo Fernandes, de Araujo Junior; Tatiana Oliveira, Souza; Ligia Moreno, de Moura; Kerginaldo Paulo, Torres; Lelia Batista, de Souza; Maria do Socorro Costa Feitosa, Alves; Hugo Oliveira, Rocha;
File format. Manuscript files can be in the following formats: DOC, DOCX, RTF, or PDF. Microsoft Word documents should not be locked or protected. LaTeX manuscripts must be submitted as PDFs. Read the LaTeX guidelines.
6 Mar 2014 Here, we investigated the involvement of one specific histone modification, histone H3 lysine 9 methylation (H3K9me3), in epigenetic regulation of was performed using a Beckman Coulter CEQ 8000 automated sequencer (Beckman Coulter, CA, U.S.A) according to the manufacturer's instruction.
Jonathan Grandaubert,; Rohan GT Lowe,; Jessica L Soyer,; Conrad L Schoch,; Angela P Van de Wouw,; Isabelle Fudal,; Barbara Robbertse,; Nicolas Lapalu,; Matthew G Links,; Benedicte Ollivier,; Juliette Linglin,; Valerie Barbe,; Sophie Mangenot,; Corinne Cruaud,; Hossein Borhan,; Barbara J Howlett,; Marie-Helene
Article Number, D602. Number of page(s), 6. Section, Dossier: Varietal selection of oilseeds: the prospective nutritional and technological benefits / Perspectives offertes par la selection varietale sur la qualite nutritionnelle et technologique des oleagineux. DOI, Published online, 14