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the new mini-kp fx boxes have sound file players in them that can be tuned like a turntable - or so i've been told by the marketing dept. but if you want 'timestretch' a regular old cd deck might be the best bet - but tbh the algorithms usually sound like sh*t.
USB transfer box for all models of Little deFormer and FX deFormer. When connecting USB box to your Little deFormer or FX deFormer, you will be able to import and export samples as .wav files, and to import and export presets. Box measurements: 120 x 75 x 45 mm. User Manual: Click on the manual to download.
Gotharman's. USB-box. USB transfer box for Little deFormer. User Manual The Gotharman bank of samples that came pre-installed on your Little deFormer, are only licenced for use with your Little deFormer. You may Thank you very much for purchasing/consider to purchase a Gotharman's USB box. Please, before you
18 Jul 2013 They did not have a user manual or any instructions, they just went with it. Sun Ra recorded this Ileana Grams-Moog "On July 26th, Ileana Grams-Moog issued an online statement regarding her decision to transfer Bob's archives to Cornell University. Gotharman's Little deFormer - Not That Thrashed
I can vouch for the microgranny 2, super fun, I made these little beats with it: … lofi-beats It is 8-bit when sampling from audio input and I think 12 bit if transferring samples from the computer to the sd card, so it's gonna be a bit more lofi though, but that's
I have several effects processing presets along w/ live input sampling presets plus a couple of mostly sample driven programs ready to be stuffed w/ samples I've accumulated in the last few months of using the little deformer. I just recently acquired the expander so now I've been focusing my attention on that & setting up
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25 Jan 2016 I need it to transfer digital audio via R-Bus, and for outputting analog audio to my digital mixer, then to whatever else I want. . The last out feeds to a Kenton powered 5 way thru box which then feeds three Mother 32's, Access Virus Ti2, and now a Gotharman Little DeFormer 2 grain sampler/sequencer/fx
I am really busy, and working on a USB transfer expansion box for Little deFormer. gotharman wrote: Sure! The plan is, that it should make it possible to back up all LD data (samples and presets) to a USB drive, importing/exporting samples as .wav Looking in the manual, I don't see any 1/8, 1/4, 1/16, 2bar, 1/8T, etc.
set of speakers, a single speaker, or even a pair of headphones, if you are in a neighbour friendly mood. Since it doesn't have build in speakers, it just needs to be connected to something, that can transfer its amazing sound to you. It is also possible to connect a pair of stereo headphones directly to Little deFormer. Use the