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7 Aug 2017 Removal of old or set stains may require washing with bleach that is safe for that particular fabric. If all the sugars are not removed, a brown stain will appear when the cloth is heated in the dryer or is ironed as the sugar is caramelized. This effect is great for creme brulee not so wonderful for your favorite
Bonus: Get Our Free Stain Removal Guide. Download and print this handy chart showing how to remove common varieties of stains from washable fabrics. Post a copy in your laundry room for quick reference. Download the Stain Chart Here
You're out to dinner, and you drop a sauce-covered fork on your white dress. You're playing outside and realize your knees are covered in grass stains. You're giving your sweetie a few extra kisses, but you get lipstick on his collar. We spend so much time in our favorite clothes, it's impossible that we're never, ever going to
How to remove stains from clothes: a handy stain removal guide. Laundry. 116 found this useful. Stubborn stains on clothing can be annoying, but with these handy stain removal tips you can keep your clothes looking like new! Learn more here.
This A to Z stain removal guide gives instructions for removing over 100 types of stains from fabric, upholstery and carpet, from avocado to zucchini.
Rinse well. Then sponge with white vinegar and rinse again. Repeat, treating the stain with liquid detergent, then with white vinegar until you've removed as much stain as possible. Pretreat with a prewash stain remover and launder with bleach that's safe for the fabric.
In honor of Real Simple's 15th anniversary, we rounded up a decade-and-a-half's worth of our best stain removal advice to compile this comprehensive guide. If you've spilled it, we'll help you figure out how to clean it up. It'll be like it never happened—promise. stain removal chart. Graphic designed by Katie Field. Have a
But aside from being poised with a damp cloth every moment of the day, the trick is to know how to remove stains from clothes: fast! Fortunately, our laundry stain cheat sheet is designed to help you tackle stains on the spot. Whether it's a messy teatime or the remains of a muddy day out, we've compiled a guide on the most
23 Oct 2017 Learn how to remove any type of fresh or set-in stain from clothes, upholstery and carpet with an easy-to-use A to Z guide.