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9 Nov 2013 Legal stuff 1.Profile 2.Basic Attacks 3.Physical Artes 4.Spirit Artes a.Healing Artes b.Support Artes 5.Skill List a.Parameter b.Action c.Support 6.Link Artes a.Jude b.Milla c.Alvin d.Elize e.Rowen 7.Advanced Techniques a.Arte Setup Recommendation b.Spell Cancelling c.Link Arte Filling 8.Combo Mastery a.
See ToX - Linked Artes for more information and other combinations involving different
1 Oct 2011
Negative Holder, 15. pulls enemies towards center of attack; pulling effect increases with usage count; press the "Artes" button to release the orb early after 100 uses deals one additional hit while Alvin's "Charge" ability is active; range increases with usage count to a maximum at 100 uses .. Tales of Xillia Data[hide].
I still don't remember many by heart. Vegh has a point. If you feel the need to have them on hand without constant pausing then having some form of guide or such up can be a solid alternative until you remember the ones you like.or all of them. Whatever floats your boat. Hmm. Personally I just pull up the
For Tales of Xillia on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Linked artes?".
Tales of Xillia Advanced Tips. Achieve master of artes with our latest guide. Published 4 years, 3 months ago about Tales of Xillia. by Jason Mitchell. As you explore the world in Tales of Xillia and gain more experience, your lilium orb and list of skills grow to epic proportions. That being the case, we have tips and
I understand when you are Linked you build the gauge. When the segment of the gauge is filled I can use R2 after attack to use a linked arte. When the whole bar is filled, I go into overlimit. Once in overlimit, I can attack and arte spam as much as possible (cannot use to of the same linked artes back to back
13 Aug 2013
9 Jan 2014 Nope, linked artes apply to any you have set. The thing to note, though, is that not every arte has a link with every character; they each have their own unique combinations. So if you're playing Jude, you can link Steel with Milla or Leia, and they both do different things. Linking with Milla causes a rather