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?145.50 - If you watch TV in your accommodation this licence is required on an annual basis. This can be paid in instalments. Additional costs to consider. Depending on your lifestyle and living arrangements there maybe additional costs to consider. It is important to plan for these in your budget where necessary. Travelling.
RGU:TV is the student video platform for Robert Gordon University. Showcasing everything from societies, to elected officers, to events and more, RGU:TV is y
1 Apr 2011 Your guidE TO. LEAVING UNIVERSITY. ACCOMMODATION. Important Information about. Private Accommodation. MOVING ON . .. Television Licence. There's no escaping it – if you have a. TV, you must have a TV licence. If you're caught without one, you can be fined up to ?1000.00. It's really not worth
Our Media degree will enable you to build an impressive portfolio of skills for a career in the media industry. Apply Now.
9 Sep 2017 this guide which contains important information to help you prepare . the UK such as dairy products, meat products and dry foods. It would therefore be safest not to pack these items at all. TOP TIPS. Pre Arrival Guide | 8 .. We have our own Student Media Centre featuring RGU:Radio, RGU:TV and Radar.
11 Sep 2015 The first few days. 11. Facilities. 12. Laundry. 12. Car parking and Bicycle Storage 12 technology & communications 13. Internet. 13. TV License. 14. Mail and Parcels. 14. Data Protection and Personal. Information. 14. Postal Address. 14 services. 15. Cleaning. 15. Maintenance and Repairs. 15. Insurance.
Hello! Congratulations! You've made it! Welcome to Robert Gordon University from everybody at your Students' Union. We've been working hard over the summer to give you a Freshers that you won't ever forget, and we've been dying to tell you the line-up! Take a look through these pages to find two weeks packed full of
Find out all you need to know about graduating from Robert Gordon University. Dates of ceremonies, venue, Gown hire, photography.
RGU:TV is RGU's very own student-led online TV Channel. The purpose of RGU:TV is to celebrate our students successful TV content, share video content, get involved in learning new media skills, and to help run a TV station geared exclusively to RGU students! So far the team have covered a range of events on campus,
9 Nov 2017 go here for: social media, apps, films, DVDs, CDs, podcasts, TV, radio. go here for: illustrations reproduced and not reproduced (from books, articles, webpages). go here for: resources related to art, computing, law and health. go here for: maps, archives, encyclopaediae, atlases and religious. go here for: