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25 Jul 2013
9 Feb 2014 Hello everyone I am a noob in this game today I started to play this game with my friends and I really like vella but I wonder which build would be nice for me DB or TS? and please explain. Short Chain Vella overall guide. If you have further questions feel free to ask. Also you don't need to take the guides
Vindictus Vella Gear Guide. This guide is slightly opinionated, as it is influenced by my own playstyle as well as the opinions of people I play with on "how to play the game". Therefore DEF is usually not prioritized, though I will try to provide decent alternatives which provide more defense without sacrificing too much in the
19 Oct 2017 Chain blades vella guide - escribio en afbuzuq: Download Chain blades vella guide >> Online Chain blades vella guide >> vella armor kai vindictus vindictus chain vella vindictus vella guide 2016 vindictus vella chain blade vella black ice vella ap
So I'm playing Vindictus for the first time with some friends and randomly picked Chains Vella to play. Turns out she is actually pretty good and not super hard to play later but I also know nothing about how to build her or spend AP correctly. Everything I try to look up about her is either old (like 2013/14) or
Any help at all is appreciated, i don't know if i spent my ap wrong, if im just playing vella wrong, or if something else is wrong. Mostly looking for chain vellas build for optimal dps and might be willing to reset all ap if i would do a signifigant amount more dps. Also would the fact that im level 48 effect my dps,
24 Feb 2017 Although her Twin Chainblade dodge (Glint) has half duration of invulnerability frames compared to Twin Sword's dodge (Storm Step), she can nonetheless continue her relentless assault after dodging thanks to Biting Cold. Twin Chainblades may have less versatility, but makes up for it with brutal assaults,
26 Feb 2014 Lann (sword/spear), Fiona (sword/hammer) and Staff-Evie are definitely harder to master than Vella if you take into account all aspects of combat. Mercenaries like Cestus-Karok, Bow-Kai or Hurk are roughly her equivalent 'skill'-wise and the others, i.e. Chain-Vella, Crossbow-Kai, Scythe-Evie and
Anyone here have an up-to-date vella guide? I would like a deep insight explanation for how vella's "berserk charge" gameplay works. For both swords and chains, it seems like she uses a time mechanic to unleash dps, but there are time extenders and for chain especially, there are a buttload of