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11 Apr 2016 Flain: hi guys! So what should we do tonight? A party? Teslo: um what do u think camillot? Camilliot: I think we should go to mixel park! Teslo: good idea!! So they headed to Mixel park! Until glowbert came to have some fun! Glowbert: hello boys! Camillot: hi glowbert! Glowbert: (happily) hi camillot! Ugh..
25 Jul 2015
3 Jul 2015
30 Aug 2015
View LEGO instructions for Jinky set number 41537 to help you build these LEGO sets.
4 Feb 2015
In this episode, Gagz Gaming does a review of Lego Mixels Series 6 Weldos (Kramm, Forx, Wuzzo) and also discusses Dribbal and Jinky. . Link To Lego Website Weldos Max Instructions:- . I got new Mixels:kramm,Wuzzo,frox,dribbal,gurgle,snax, Vaka-waka,berp,mesmo,wizwuz,and and subscribe!
21 Aug 2015
28 Jul 2015