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parameters refer to the NetView FTP V3 for. OS/400 Installation and User's Guide. For example: When setting up a request at a NetView FTP V2.2 MVS system you can use this parameter for transfers to or from a. NetView FTP V1 VM system. How to Read Syntax Diagrams. The syntax diagrams used in this manual are what
191. Manual Restart of an SNA File Transfer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 191. When a File-Transfer Request Remains Active in the Request Queue . . . . 193. Scheduling in the Case of a Restart from Checkpoint (SNA only) . . . . . . . 193. Automatic Logon Retry (SNA only) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 193. Appendix C. NetView FTP
NETVIEW FTP INSTRUCTIONS When supplying documentation requested by the IMS change teams these instructions should be followed to transmit the documentation using Netview/FTP. Sending sites must have STLMVS1 and server LUs ST11FT01 and ST11FT02 (in the USIBMST network) defined in the Netview FTP
NetView FTP Server AIX and NetView FTP Client. Figure 1 provides an overview of the NetView FTP products in the context of this manual. Figure 1. Network with NetView FTP. A file transfer can be initiated at any NetView FTP Client workstation, at a NetView. FTP Server workstation, or at a node with NetView FTP V2.2
batch job converting a NetView FTP V2.1 MVS, 3.11 creating requests, 3.3 deleting a request, 3.8 4.7 general, 3.0 interface routine, log file, 3.10 interface routine, messages, 3.10 modifying a request, 3.6 NetView FTP V2.2.1 MVS, 1.4.2 querying a request, 3.5 restarting a request, 3.7 blank suppression, 3.2 boundary, 16MB,
These transfers are conducted by the IBM licensed program OSI/File Services. For more information about OSI/File Services, refer to OSI/File Services General. Information Manual. Figure 1. Network with NetView FTP. Because the transfer programs at any two systems work together to transfer files, they can communicate
18 Oct 2016 S5685108, ABSTRACT NetView* FTP MVS Version 2 Release 2.1 enhanced the NetView FTP family. NetView FTP now offers the capability to efficiently and reliably exchange large amounts of data between MVS and AIX, as well as between MVS and VM, VSE, or OS/400, IBM Asia Pacific Sales Manual
You can also use NetView FTP to transfer a job to another system and, at the end of the transfer, to submit that job to the internal reader of that system. For more information about MVS post-transfer jobs see the NetView FTP V2 MVS User's Guide . Note: You can also use the sample DVGJOBS post-transfer user-exit routine
Chapter 2, “NetView FTP ABEND, Return, and. Reason Codes” on page 109 to find out what it means. To help you find out what caused the error, look at all the messages NetView FTP issued. After you find the messages that correspond to the error, take the user actions they prescribe. DVG003I. FILE TRANSFER ENDED
NetView FTP VSE. NetView FTP VM. Abbreviations and Special Terms. Throughout this manual, the following abbreviations are used: NetView FTP. NetView File Transfer Program (regardless of version number and oper- ating system). NetView FTP V2 MVS. NetView File Transfer Program Version 2 for MVS. NetView FTP