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Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for DIRECTV H21.
DIRECTV H21 DIRECTV MPEG-4 High Definition HD Receiver (H21) This is a great high definition receiver for basic use. It fits well in an equipment rack no additional purchase necessary. This receiver works with legacy dish systems and SWiM systems. Free Return Policy. Description; Features; Specs; Downloads

You need to be aware that DIRECTV no longer supports Ethernet networking for whole-home viewing. H21. • H23. • H24. The only receiver that's been made in the last three years without Ethernet is H25. Due to its small size, there just isn't room for an ethernet jack on the H25. .. Configure manually using menus.
This user guide applies to the DIRECTV® HD. Receiver. Because this user guide was designed to accommodate several models, your receiver and its user interface may If a professional installed your DIRECTV® HD Receiver, you're ready to start watching TV. Access, HD receiver (HR21, H21 or later), compatible.
I have looked the world over and can't find any, particularly the one listed in the thread title. It's totally crazy to me that a company as large as DirecTV wouldn't have their remote codes somewhere they can be found. And how does any A/V company leave the remote codes out of their user manual is even a
DirecTV H21-200 HDTV MPEG4 receiver DIRECTV® H21 HDTV MPEG4 Receiver with On-Screen Caller ID (See Terms Below) Simultaneous SD HD output; Parental Controls B; Autotune; Find by Title, Person and Keyword; MPEG-4 AV Capable; Dolby ® Digital 5.1; Custom Favorite Channel Lists. Owner's Manual
This User Guide applies to the DIRECTV® HD DVR and the Genie™ HD DVR and Mini Clients. Because this User to start your inquiry. To view the most up-to-date manuals for DIRECTV Receivers and other equipment, please visit or Access, an HD Receiver (HR21, H21, HR34, HR44 or.
CHChanges remote to control other equipment, for example, a DVD. D. IR. E. C. T. V & T. V. P. O. W. E. R O. N. /O. F. FTurns your TV and DIRECTV HD Receiver on and off. TV. IN. P. U. TChanges the “source” — the piece of equipment whose signal is displayed on your TV. BL. U. EIn live TV, displays the Mini Guide; other.
16 Jul 2007 DBSTalk First Look: DIRECTV H21-200 Interactive HD Receiver In the tradition of other user reviews dating back to Earl's excellent review of DIRECTV's. The manual is very much like previous DIRECTV manuals, and to be honest if you are the sort of person who reads manuals you might think it's a little