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If you are a beginner considering buying a trainer aircraft, or if you are about to build the Thunder Tiger Trainer OBL 40, we suggest you download the manual .. We suggest using 30- or even 60-minute epoxy to glue the wing joiner into the wing halves and butt glue the two wing halves at their roots, as instructed in 7/6
Does anyone have the instruction manual for the Thunder Tiger Tiger Trainer 60 ARF .50-.61,73? I ordered this kit and now have lost the manual. Thanks. Bill
The average model will fly in a range of 20 to 60 MPH and weigh 5 1/2 to 6 pounds. Many hours of training and practice are involved before a beginner has the ability to handle the more advanced models. . Trainer 40, Thunder Tiger, Good quality ARF trainer, easy to assemble, easy to fly, excellent performance. Trainer
Thunder Tiger Tiger Trainer /Tiger Trainer MKII/Easy Trainer/. Thunder Tiger. ,. / . /. / . , . Thunder Tiger . ,. 60 . . /. , . , . Thunder Tiger 2. : : 1500 . : 1300 . : 17145 . : 2200 - 2500 . 6.5 7.5 . 4- . ,. : 0.46 . (. -. Thunder Tiger GP-42, PRO-40, PRO-46). 4.
Hi, I need the tiger trainer 60 ARF instruction manual , i tried to find it in Acehobby but it's not there ,can anyone help me on that . Regards. I am so sorry guys , i meant the Thunder Tiger 60 trainer not the Goldberg . Fredsterman & abraxas Thanks for ur replay and sorry again. ma7bubiti is offline.
Products 1 - 50 of 458 Before beginning assembly, please read this manual thoroughly. thunderfigeroom, our product specialists are TIGER Tiger Trainer MK II assembly manual it will only take you a few minutes to get your and an illustrated instruction manual For Sale T.O.C./Thunder Tiger Pitts M12 60cc Rx ready.
minute and 30-minute epoxy to cut down on assembly time, but you can get by with only 30-minute epoxy if time is no important. You will also need a small bottle of both. "Thick" and "Thin" instant adhesive. All of us at Thunder Tiger want to thank you for choosing the best looking, easiest building and best flying ARF trainer.
View and Download THUNDER TIGER Tiger trainer 60 MKII assembly instructions manual online. Tiger trainer 60 MKII Toy pdf manual download.
Thunder Tiger Trainer MK II Super Combo/Combo Plus/TRTF (TTR4523). Distributed in North America by Ace Hobby Distributors, Inc. 116 W. 19th ST, Higginsville, MO 64037. Phone: (660)-584-7121 • • email: Tiger Trainer MK II. Assembly Manual. Wingspan: 61”. Length: 51”.
Balsa-built up wings and lit ply fuselage ensure this 60-size trainer enjoys a light and low wing loading for docile flight characteristics. All that is needed are the engine, a 4-CH radio system and some basic tools. In just a few hours of assembly, the MKII-60 is ready for its first flight. All comprehensive hardware is included