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Instruction Manual. Model 3OOO Controller. DRIVE SOURCE INTERNATIONAL INC. 7900 Durand Avenue, PO Box 0361,. Sturtevant, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 53177. Tel.: 262.554.7977 - Fax. listed in the Yellow pages under "Power Transmission Equipment". Or write: DYNAMATIC Hp Ajusto-Spede drives. 15-588-4, without
This publication provides general information on the vehicle installation of a Chevrolet Performance 6-Speed manual transmission behind an LTG The 6 speed manual transmission kit is part number .. Chevrolet Performance estan disenadas, desarrolladas y probadas para exceder sus expectativas de ajuste y funcion.
2 Feb 2004 Fractional HP Ajusto-Spede® Drives .25 through 1.5 HP. INSTRUCTION MANUAL Factory recommended test procedures, included in the instruction manual, should be followed. Always disconnect electrical power before working POWER TRANSMISSION APPARATUS. Note – Since improvements are
Shopping for a car and wondering what "automated manual transmission" (AMT) means? Also, engineers haven't quite worked out low-speed AMT behavior yet, so when you're nosing the car into a parking space, for example, you'll likely notice a "slip-and-surge" effect that's like being in a stick-shift car with a teenager
Automatic transmission requires the driver to use the gear shift stick and the clutch pedal in order to shift gears based on the vehicle's speed. This means that there is an initial learning curve that comes with driving a standard vehicle. Driving an automatic car requires no shifting of gears, allowing the driver to focus on the
AS Line Ajusto-Spede® Drives. Model AS-14 through AS-27. 1 through 30 For additional information regarding contents of this manual, please send your request to DSI/Dynamatic®, Fax: 262-554-. 7041, or call: 262/554-7977, or Toll transmission equipment, must be properly selected and applied to assure a safe and
Smooth, responsive and highly reliable, the Dynamatic® Eddy Current AS drive with tachometer feedback lets you control speed within 1/2 percent for load changes from no load to Dynamatic® AS/FAS Ajusto Spede Drive And the standard TEFC motor allows quick washdown without interrupting continuous operation.