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26 Feb 2017
Raids: Hwa shines in raids due to her ATK bar control, S1 debuff and good damage. Her good damage makes her a common backline unit in Raid teams. ToA: Hwa is great at controlling the ATK bar of boss stages in ToA but loses value later when your teams are strong enough to not need her ATK bar control. PvP: Hwa is
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1 Feb 2017 What this guide is *not*:** - A full guide to raids. Read
11 Jan 2017
try vero(L), baretta/hwa6*, kona/megan, bella, hwa/spectra/megan. Vero with 160+ spd 20khp on violent. Kona with decent speed either on swift or voilent. Baretta, any set (Best with despair) with 160+ spd and 20k+ hp. bella 160+spd voilent/focus good accu subs. Hwa either swift or voilent as much speed as you can get
19 Aug 2016
If I had an hp% rune on her she would easily live and I would clear on first try if I get the whole team to the boss. This happened once last reset. But next time he didn't hit her and I cleared it In totally took me 3 tries. It would have been 2 if hwa wasn't targeted First fail was because bernard died along the
11 Apr 2017 Giant Dungeon Info. Giant’s Keep is one of the dungeon in the Cairos dungeon Section that allow you to drop runes besides other rewards after completing it. Giant hits really hard, it is good to have attack break debuff on him and /or Defense buff on ally team.
22 Aug 2015 top 8 monster combos summoners war This guide will highlight some of the well known synergies in the game. With Verde speeding up your team and Hwa slowing them down, this combo often dominates the board with your team moving over and over and over without letting the enemy move at all.

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