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14 Nov 2012
The Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23, also called the Jet Gun, is a buildable Wonder Weapon that first appears in the Zombies exploration mode TranZit. It is made out of a jet turbine, spool of wire, a gauge and a motorcycle handbrake. It works by sucking zombies towards it and then gibbing them in its rotors, and can
11 Mar 2013 How to build the jet gun (Wonder Weapon) in tranzit What parts you need: 1. Jet Engine 2. Wire 3. Handle 4. Pressure gauge Where they are in tranzit 1. Jet engine This is in the tunnel, the tunnel is between the bus depo (where you spawn) And the dinner. When the bus slows down
If you have not heard by now, there is a new wonder weapon in Black Ops 2 zombies! The new wonder weapon in Tranzit is called the Jet Gun. The Jet Gun full name is very long, it is the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23. Likely most gamers will be referring to this as the jet gun or simply the wonder weapon in tranzit.
7 Jan 2015 The parts shift around between 2 to 4 different spots in these locations per game. Each area is not very large so it shouldn't take too long to see the part. If the weapon breaks and a piece falls into lava it will go back to its original location. I believe that in some circumstances (the bus running over a part
7 Oct 2013 TranZit - Call of Duty: Black Ops 2: TranZit is the collection of all Green Run areas and maps. The map starts on Green Run - Bus spawn inside the Bus Depot. There are two weapons available for purchase here, along with a Quick Revive machine. . able to build it until later on. That piece is a jet engine.
23 Feb 2013 So all we know about the Jet Gun. It's a wonder weapon that's made of many many parts and it sucks the zombies towards it and then gibbing them in its rotors. But do you know where to find the parts ?
Construire le Jet Gun en mode Tranzit. Commencez par apporter les differentes pieces sur le plan qui se trouve dans le bar, a droite en entrant, a la ville.
16 Nov 2012 How to build the wonder weapon 'Jet Gun' in Black Ops 2 Tranzit Zombies and get it for all your team members.