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5 Jun 2012 Under California's new top-two primary system, a runoff will take place in November in all of the state's congressional, Assembly and Senate districts. In some districts, the candidates will be from different political parties; in others, both candidates will be from the same party. The cartogram above shows
The Times offers recommendations for president, U.S. Senate, congressional seats, district attorney and California and Los Angeles County measures. October 23, 2012. The 2012 general election takes place on November 6. (Los Angeles Times ). With the final presidential candidate debate concluded and the deadline for
10 Oct 2016 Voting is underway in California and you have a dizzying list of propositions to consider by Nov. 8. Print this guide and take it to the voting booth or load it up as you fill out your ballot at home. A yes vote adds 12 years to the life of income tax rates imposed by the 2012 Proposition 30. Those rates, a 1% to
(Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times). George SkeltonContact ReporterCapitol Journal. George Skelton's voter guide to the boring but potentially game-changing propositions on the California ballot. Six state propositions are on the ballot and none are sexy. All are snoozers. But each is significant. Some, in fact, are
8 Nov 2016 A bit of a listicle pointing people to all of our California election coverage in one place. Really. In 2012, Los Angeles County voters opted to require adult film actors to wear condoms. Now California Senate candidates Loretta Sanchez and Kamala Harris on policy, politics and the state of their race.
3 Jul 2016 California voters will face a long list of ballot measures on the Nov. 8 ballot. Here's an overview of what's in store. Voters rejected a similar effort in 2012. Speed up the death penalty: On the flip side, Proposition 66 would seek to accelerate the death penalty's legal process by setting new time limits on
6 Nov 2012 Live results: Follow to track how Californians vote for president, Congress, state ballot measures and local races.
9 Sep 2016 While there have been longer lists of state propositions in the past, the accompanying guides were shorter. In the 2012 general election, California voters weighed 11 propositions. That year's voter guide ran 144 pages and cost taxpayers $8 million. A review of decades' worth of voter guides, compiled
Send Jimmy Gomez to Congress. In January, when Xavier Becerra stepped down from the Los Angeles congressional district he'd represented for more than two decades to become California's attorney general, two dozen people stepped up to replace him. The group running in the special election was extraordinarily
13 Oct 2016 Without this tax the state of California receives less than its fair share of Medicaid funding from the government, and 12 million of our residents depend on the program for affordable health care, so I strongly encourage your support. The LA Times and SF League both agree. Recommendation: Vote Yes.